My mum often says that my head is always up in the air and at some point, I need to come back down to earth. I can’t draw a straight line. Neither do I accept the possibility of landing on the ground, racing against time and rushing through life like many others. I have this tendency to dream of a new place while sitting in another. 

I left my birthplace, Vietnam at the age of fifteen to start my educational journey. Over the years it has become more or less a personal journey, a quest, a battle in which I constantly seek new places, challenges, sometimes run away from the complacency, other times run towards the unexpected. Mind you, I’m neither a ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ woman, nor a gap-year kid who backpacks across South East Asia, or teaches English in Northern Thailand. I’m too young to start a family (let alone divorce), and a little too old to get drunk every day, though it’s nice to picture myself in their shoes sometimes (it’s easier that way).

I started this site as a way to document my thoughts, travels, work, inspiration, little moments that I want to safeguard, people who crossed or have crossed my life, even my worries and anxieties (trust me, there are lots of them), things that keep me awake, and hopefully along the way it will help me understand and connect with the world better, and become the person I want to be. If I’m lucky enough, maybe one day this place will bring us together. And the magic happens, up in the air.

See you there,